Encyclicals and modern translations ~ "new" and "improved"??

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I was reading THIS post on Marianna Bartold's Blog today. Visit the link for the article in full.

... problem is rooted in a difference in the encyclical's more recent translation. In my book, Keeping It Catholic Home Education Guide (Volume I), I also quoted particular excerpts taken from paragraph #18 of Militantis Ecclesia as follows:

"Religion must not be taught to youth only during certain hours, but the entire system of education must be permeated with the senseof Christian piety. If this is lacking, if this holy spirit does not penetrate and inflame the souls of teacher and pupil, small benefit will be derived from any other sort of education; instead damage will be done." And finally, it states: "Religion must permeate and direct every branch of knowledge."

Now compare those few excerpts from the newer online version (below) of the same paragraph #18:

"18. Secondly, it is necessary to teach religion to children, butnot only at specified times. All their teaching should occur in anatmosphere of Christian piety. If it is otherwise, if this sacredinspiration does not penetrate the spirits of the teachers and ofthe students, the instruction will produce only little fruit andwill often even have seriously harmful consequences."

The paragraph then closes as follows: "The knowledge of many subjects should always go hand in hand with the care of the spirit. Religion should give shape and direction to all branches of knowledge. Its majesty and sweetness should strike home and inspire the souls of the young."

Again, there is QUITE a difference between my older hard copy version [which I acquired some time before 1990, from the Daughters of St. Paul] and the "newer" online versions.

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