Chilling info on Obama you won't hear

9:21 PM
There must be 2 pages of cited sources.


but it's necessary to read because the media has given this guy a hall pass over and over again!

You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you...?


Therese said...

That's what I don't get...why is all of this being passed over?

Alasandra said...

Because it's NOT true. Reputable media outlets don't broadcast and print lies and innuendo.

+JMJ+ said...

Fox News, The Washington Times, NY Times, US News, MSNBC, Wall Street JOurnal, Newsweek, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, ABC News, USA TOday and the others cited at the bottom of the article may be surprised to hear yousay they are not reputable.

I am obviously NOT voting for Obama.

Obama continues to refuse to provide the media with school records, passports, college theses, law school records, law firm clients, medical records, Illinois State Senate files, and other documents about his record.

Original birth certificate - not released
Obama/Dunham marriage license - not released
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license - not released
Soetoro adoption records - not released
Besuki School application - released
Punahou School records - not released
Selective Service Registration - released
Occidental College records - not released
Passport (Pakistan) - not released
Columbia College records - not released
Columbia thesis - not released
Harvard College records - not released
Harvard Law Review articles - none
Baptism certificate - none
Medical records - not released
Illinois State Senate records - none
Illinois State Senate schedule – not released (alleged to have been lost)
Law practice client list - not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles - none [23,29,56,186,239]

God bless you and your decision.

Journey of Truth said...

If there is nothing to hide, he should be forthcoming in the truth about himself; if for no other reason that to clear his name. His real one, that is.

God bless!

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