What a great Mother we have

"Because she had proved to the the most humble among angels and men, Mary was raised above all that was created, and is most beautiful of all and more like God tan any other can be." ~ St. Bridget of Sweden

Thank you dear Mother for your intercession to our Lord. Only the Immaculate can present our needs to Him in a spotless way....and we are grateful for prayers answered on this day.

It's as if you would not allow your devotee to receive bad news on your feast day!

St. Maximillian Kolbe who was killed on the eve of this feast day and who had dedicated himself to The Immaculate says of Mary,

We, too, are "called to be mothers of God, bearing Jesus Christ in human souls." And this can be effected by consecrating ourselves to Mary, "to be changed into her, that she alone remains, so that we may be as much hers as she is God's. She belongs to God, having become his Mother. And we want to become the mother who would give the life of the Immaculate to every heart that exists and to those that will still come into existence...
"Thus, entering these hearts and taking full possession of them, she may give birth to sweet Jesus, who is God, that he might grow in them in age and perfection."

H/T to Halloweed Ground for the always sumptious images


Jennifer said...

You're right, the image is amazing!

Christine said...

Blessings to you and your family on this special day. Your love for Our Lady is a joy to read.

Marilena said...

our Holy Mother is beyond wonderful!

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