Simple Woman's daybook for August 11th

10:21 PM

My Simple Woman's daybook ~ week beginning August 11th

I'm participating in A Simple Woman's Daybook carnival. Visit Peggy to see all the other daybooks of participants as well as many other creative ideas she has at her delightful blog.

Outside my we had a lot of exciting weather. During Mass there was a thunder and lightening storm. I am unable to remember ever being at Mass when that happened before. The inside of our white walled church was less bright, dimmed by the dark clouds and yet the stained glass looked more contrasted. During the homily you could hear the pinging against the stain glass of hail! In fact, later, at dinner time my husband had to grill under a giant umbrella as coin sized hail balls threatened him. We've had a lot of hail this summer.

I am thinking of...all the beautiful nature we enjoyed and photographed over the temperate weekend.
I am thankful for...all the birthdays we've celebrated over the last 17 days. Four!

From the kitchen...there will be leftover corn from a birthday dinner tonight, we've been feasting on requested birthday meals followed by Sundaes.

I am creating...well, trying to create some crochet. Mother of Divine Grace recommends it for 2nd grade small muscle development and I thought I'd try to learn before school starts. It's addicting!!! My husband says I'll soon have carpal tunnel syndrome. I've just been making strips, but I want to learn how to make an EASY baby blanket, or something EASY. Any crocheters out there?

I am going... to finsh my two projects Monday. My scrapbook room and my husband's office room. I hope to post before and after pictures. They both look so much cleaner, more streamlined and purged.

I am wearing....a black and white peasant skirt, that real lightweight kind with little appliques sewn on to it and a white, 3/4 length cotton shirt.

I am reading... to do lists as I prepare for a vacation.

I am hoping....and praying that my husband recovers from his back pain and leg sciatica. He's just not been himself....

Around the house...pumpkins are growing and cicadas are leaving their shells!
One of my favorite things.... seeing my kids happy. Today was my 2nd son's birthday and he seemed to really enjoy his presents. He might still be up building his lego ship! His mind was engaged today in many a new challenge. I juxtapose that to all the family films we've been watching. They were all soooo little, well, littler and very cute and I've also been coming across their photos too in my scrapbook room. Photos of memories I had not remembered. My family is certainly one of my FAVORITE things...just love them all soooooo much!!!!!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Dentist appointments. Oh! and Monday night my eldest son goes for the GOLD! His summer ice hockey team earned the right to contend for the gold cup and we intend to hold our breath while he plays. He's having a hard time sleeping he's so excited! We'll also be running errands and packing.

Here is a picture/thought I am sharing.... the summer breeze in my daughter's hair....


Christine said...

I would love to learn how to crochet. Wish you were closer to teach me!

Sounds like you really enjoyed all those birthdays. Families are great. What would we do without them!

Hope your husband starts feeling better!

+JMJ+ said...

I wish you lived closer too, Christine!

By the way, your blog updates are looking great! LOVE that photo!

The crochet kit I got from had a pictorial lesson and I supplemented that by plugging "how to crochet" into can truly find anything there! :)

I still don't know what I'm doing, but my hands like the rhythm and feel of the thread.

I am very gratedul for your well wishes for my husband! Thank you!

AllyJo said...

Such a sweet family and lovely times, you all share. I miss scrapbooking. I used to get done about 400 pages a year, then I totally burned out and haven't touched it in 3 years. I'm slowly getting an itch. I want to finish my daughters baby album before she graduates.

+JMJ+ said...

Hi AllyJo!

400 pages a year, wow! I kinda know how you feel, although I don't think I ever did that many pages. I started out wanting to make a book(s) for each of my children...and then I had 4. Needless to say, my eldeast has some complete books, my 2nd has some too, when I was making 2 pages nearly exact for each of their books and my 3rd and 4th have pizza boxes with some pages ready to be booked, but like you I lost steam, kind burned out. And like you, after working on the scrapbook room, I'm getting the urge again to use up those supplies and albums.

But Shutterfly is so much easier for me.

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