Learning to Sacrifice

12:21 AM

Mrs. L at the Wellsprings of Traditional Life has a lovely exercise for bloggers. It's about Learning to Sacrifice.

I believe I made a start at it today. I defended the Latin Mass on a homeschooling yahoogroup and was moderated from making further comments.

I am naive enough to wonder, why other Catholics would be "offended" by the "hot topic" of the Mass?? Do they not appreciate the hard work of our Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, led by the Holy Spirit who has made it known he wishes this Mass in every parish? We can talk all we want about the Novus Ordo of the last 40 years, and no one complains but we cannot talk about the TLM that preceded it for thousands. That offends some eventhough their Pope thinks both Masses are valid. Testimony to it's unearthly power, the sacred seems to always be assaulted in "this world." The Traditional Latin Mass is considered a threat by those that should love the Holy Sacrifice.

This is an opportunity to see into and align with the Pope's struggle, to unite with him in prayer and obedience. Despite my inclination to want to take this further, I will sacrifice that impulse and keep this in prayer. Our Holy Father has been gentle while working to encourage the Latin Mass for years. It would do me good to be so patient...since I will never be as wise.


kimberly said...

God bless you, AG!

If you were truly acting in defense of the Sacred Liturgy, your words were necessary and knowing you, charitable. That said, leave them to Heaven and keep them in prayer. I don't think the Mass is the issue...I think it ultimately comes down to a fear of change. People will always resist the unknown. Adherents to the TLM have been closeted for so long, its really hard to listen to disparaging comments that seem to undermine what our Holy Father has been working for so long to accomplish, particularly since we are all Catholics owing obedience to Rome.

We have but one Roman Rite. If detractors could understand that it would go far to unite rather than divide. One Rite, two Forms...God bless you for defending the Sacred!

Almost Catholic Momma said...

I'm fairly new to the faith, and very unfamiliar with the Latin Mass, except hearing about it from my mom. So I don't really know what the controversy is.
I've been telling my mom that she should go to a Latin Mass since she is always saying she wouldn't know what to do in a regular Mass. It's been about 40 years since she has faithfully attended church.
If you enjoy the Latin Mass and want to defend it more power to you.
It's always nice to stand firm in what you believe in.

jenpixler said...

Oooh, Allison! You must have been saying the right things if you were put on moderation! LOL
I will never understand why people are so offended by the TLM. Especially now. But they still are! It's like some dirty secret that no one wants to talk about it polite society. *shaking head*


+JMJ+ said...

Thank you all! Join with me in praying for obedience to our Holy Father, and his hard work to lead us.

Becki said...

LOL....are you in trouble again, Allison? LOL

Seriously, you are a very good defender of the Catholic faith and even more so of Tradition. I was there the last time you spoke up on a Yahoo group (and shut it down for a few days) to defend a Traditional point or person--Fr. Gruner I think--so I'm sure you were just as charitable today. You are a good servant and I know God counts you as one of His faithful. I also agree with Kimberly--it's a fear of change. Keep them in your prayers.

+JMJ+ said...

I am not too familiar with Father Gruner...but I do remember writing about Catholic teaching before... :)

Vicki said...

How sad that the Latin Mass even needs defending! Was this actually a Catholic group?

Kelly said...

Wow...you were censored on a Catholic homeschooling list for this? What is the world coming to! My goodness. :( :(


Journey of Truth said...

Well, I'm going to pray that God continues to give you His strength to keep on keeping on! You are blessing His Church, after all! And, it does bless us!

Love through Christ and Mary,

+JMJ+ said...

My response to the moderators, that I would hope that when TLM discussions happen (as it is hard for homeschoolers to separate the Mass as OT) that it would be allowed as EQUALLY as Novus Ordo discussion, and that was met with a response of ...

"We do not have the time to deal with uncharitable posts or posts that lead to an uncharitable discussion."


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