Dying Wish

9:23 AM

A friend of mine has a father with Lou Gehrig's disease and a dying wish. She and her family also have a hero...

His courage even made Laura Ingraham cry during the Fox News interview. ( <-- watch)

Please pray for this hero and his cause, the DIGNITY OF LIFE!

From USA TODAY...."There isn't much John Peyton can do on his own except speak, and soon he'll lose even that.

The former Boeing computer programmer has Lou Gehrig's disease, which progressively paralyzes its victims. His doctor gives him three to six months to live.

He is using his last months to oppose a ballot initiative that would allow physicians in Washington state to help terminally ill patients end their lives. Only Oregon has such a law. Read the rest....

"What we're really doing I believe, is attempting to eliminate the sufferer so we don't have to deal with them," Peyton said."


Christine said...

Thank you for sharing this information with everyone. John Peyton has been in my prayers. If anyone would like to help those of us in Washington state oppose I-1000, the physician-assisted suicide initiative, they can do so by visiting www.noassistedsuicide.com and making a donation. The Coalition Against Assisted Suicide is trying to raise money to educate the public regarding the repercussions of this bill. The supporters of I-1000 have raised over $1 million with most of the money coming from out-of-state. This is not something that we in Washington or anywhere in the United States (or the world for that matter) should ever support.

My mom died of Lou Gehrig's disease a few year's ago and, as much as I miss her, I consider her illness a blessing. She had always had a deep and abiding faith, but in the last months, weeks, and days of her life she grew even closer to God.

As Christians, we should all recognize that dying from an illness like Cancer or Lou Gehrig's disease is a blessing, and much more preferable than a sudden death.

In addition to praying for John Peyton, please pray that 1-000 does not pass.

Melissa said...

I have never been touched by Lou Gehrig's disease but I have experienced Alzheimer's first hand. While both my grandfather and mother-in-law suffered the disease at basically the same time it was very hard. Especially when we cared for my MIL at home. But while they might not have been who they were before the disease they were still healthy and relatively happy otherwise. Being able to share those times with them was a blessing.
Thanks for sharing this post. It's very touching to see someone with a terminal illness doing all he can to fight a cause.

Marilena said...

one of my prayers was answered today:) take a look at my blog and see for yourself:) your comment is most welcome on it! :)

as for this disease, it is sad indeed! there was a woman in canada who suffered tremendously because of this disease, and she fought in the courts for years for the "right to die her way" she wanted a physician to end her life for her humanely, euthanasia. very sad!

the courts in canada refused her request time and time again. so, without telling anyone, she found a doctor who was willing to euthanize her. she died the death she wanted. suicide. it saddens me that people would consider suicide, or euthanasia. it really does. it seems to me to take away from the sacredness of life, and a holy death. very sad indeed. i think her name if i recall it right, was sue roddriguez.

Journey of Truth said...

Thanks for bringing this to the forefront. My sister-in-law married a wonderful man, who so far shows no signs of ALS himself, but has lost his paternal grandfather and father to ALS. They both died with dignity - chosen so.


Shelly said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful story :o)

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