Where to find Catholic men

"Come here often?"

A friend and I joke that the Traditional Latin Mass would be a great place for a single, Catholic woman to meet a husband!

In my experience, Traditional Latin Mass attendance is more populated with men in contrast to the predominance of women at the Novus Ordo Masses.

I once asked a priest who offers both the "old" and "new" Mass about this and he agreed. He said he felt like more of a Moses ascending the mount/altar for us and bringing down God to us.

This article and this priestly blog entry both very much tie into the theme of masculinity, Mass and the priesthood.


Jennifer said...

I wonder if part of the reason the TLM is appealing to men is that it takes more intellectual thought than the NO mass. In the NO mass no one has to think for themselves. We are told by the priest when to sit, stand, etc. To follow along with a TLM one must think and work at focusing on what is going on.
I don't know that I'm expressing myself well. But I know that I feel more spiritually challenged and more intellectually challenged by the TLM than I do the NO. The NO is like pablum, and I've never known a man who wanted to be treated like a baby.

Jen in Maryland

Chari said...


I think you did a good job of expressing yourself. And, I think you definitely may have hit on something there. This has been our experience, too....and now that my oldest is almost 20.........I wonder which one would make a good son-in-law :)


Renee said...

It's true! Many more young men attend the TL mass and serve on the altar much longer than in the NO. When we first moved here, that was the first thing we noticed and even remarked about it to one of our (yet unmarried) older daughters, that she should've moved with us because the "pickings were many". LOL With all the participation still plentiful on the altar, and the young men not having to move over to "share" their honored duties with altar girls, we've also noticed the young men are fast becoming self-motivated natural leaders in the parish, a grand quality in a future husband.

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