"Brick by brick he is rebuilding what was devastated"

Visit Fr. Z. 's blog for the latest on Pope Benedict giving communion only to those on a kneeler before him and only on the tongue!

from St. Peter Julian Eymard with HT to The Mary Vitamin

“And now, she not only begs her Son for holy vocations, but she guards and protects them. The priest is Mary’s privileged child. It is she who trains him to piety in youth and shields his virtue; she it is who nourishes his fervor, who leads him by the hand to the foot of the altar and presents him to the Bishop, as once she offered Jesus in the Temple. She encourages him in the thousand sacrifices of study, in his combats against fear of the priestly responsibility. The priest formed by Mary!_O good and holy priest, how well Jesus will receive thee!”
Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, 138-9.


Journey of Truth said...

This is awesome! I love B16! Once I read somewhere that to receive on the tongue was to be FED by the Priest in persona Christi . . . that sealed it for me. I would rather receive from a priest (rather than a lay minister) and on the tongue, because for me, it's an act of humility and acceptance of my role as humble servant.

I also genuflect and cross myself before I receive - which annoys a few people (why should my act of love and reverence for Christ offend anyone?) - and I do this out of respect, awe, love, and humility. I truely believe I am receiving Christ - and it's awesomeness blows me away.

+JMJ+ said...

Amen and amen!

You are stowing away graces my friend. Your faith is inspiring.

Marilena said...

wonderful picture! iam glad he is restoring the Latin Mass!

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