Holy Father's DC Mass

12:35 PM
Imagine that you are a member of a society.

Imagine that the head of the society has written extensively on the benefits of healthy living through a vegetarian lifestyle.

Imagine that he graces you with a visit.


Why? :(

Pray for us Holy Father....


kimberly said...

An accurate analogy for yesterday's Mass, +JMJ+

However...aren't you a wee bit glad that our Holy Father was given an accurate picture of what the Mass has become in the U.S.? This was an honest, indeed, very telling picture of the "Babel" of languages that are infiltrating the Church, causing confusion and distance among her people. The intention of those organizing is to promote unity, to help foster a sense of belonging and involvement to the participants. It is no longer enough that the Church is "one." The results are nearly always opposite of the intent. This is why we have GIRM.

Confused and confounded...this seems to be the reaction of not a few people, no matter whether they are "trad" or "trendy".

BTW: this could signal a few interesting changes. Think back to the ridiculous papal vestments the former "Marini" was choosing for our dear Holy Father. He wore them, was photographed in them...each set of vestments more ridiculous than the last. I believe he was making a point. A few weeks later, Marini #1 is replaced by Marini #2...voila! Traditional vestments and a sense of majesty and dignity are once again evident.

Not one person has declared that the miss those old vestments...Perhaps we'll see the same with these liturgical abuses!

Lisa said...

Perfect analogy!

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