April Shower of photos - day 13

CURRICULUM FAIRS - Let the buying begin!

I like the reflection of the books in the table but I have a new found appreciation for how merchandisers stage their materials. How do you make a photo like this look enticing?

Then, there's this photo of concentration...a little girl learning to write her letters. Again, more table reflection here too.

Here's a stop-action photo that challenges me. I'll bet if I read my manual I could find tips for the back light.
The boy's got hops.


Jennifer said...

Great photos, love the tongue concentration on your little dd and the mid-air action of your ds! Such fun!

Kelly said...

These are great! You are really getting some awesome pics!


diana said...


Is that your wedding photo to the right???? Were you Scarlett O'Hara in another life??? You look just like Vivien Leigh.

+JMJ+ said...

You are too kind Diana, and yes it seems like another life. :)

So great to hear from you and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

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