Homeschooler workout

As I prepare their lunch daily, the children are led by their eldest brother in a workout.

They are soooo diligent and faithful to their fitness regime. Obviously, they take after their Dad in self-discipline!


Anonymous said...

Boy, that guy in the background is BUFF! These guys look to be in great shape. Keep up the good work(out)!

Dad (definitely not BUFF)

Kelly said...

LOL! That is SO cute!


Neighbor & Street Reps. John & Mary Luca said...

How on earth do you fit in everything that you do? I've been homeschooling 10 years and am still getting my sea legs in some ways.

Hats off to you (they couldn't be that disciplined if you weren't very routine yourself :)


+JMJ+ said...

O Mary, it's all the teen...this guy is a leader and a fitness fanatic. He's the one with the discipline. :)

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