ARTFULLY TEACHING THE FAITH & other educational diversions

With Thanksgiving looming, we've decided to go "off planner" this week. We'll catch up on some stuff we don't normally get to. We call a week like this WACKY WEEK.

This is our homeschool plan for THANKSGIVING week-

WRITING - a thank you letter to someone who made us grateful this year - a poem on what we are grateful for

READING - books on nature and science topics - scripture study on thankfulness - PACE stories on Perseverance - reading comprehension in Wordly Wise - ongoing assigned novels

A bit of HANDWRITING practice, TYPING practice, some MATH pages and a Catholic Board Game from here thrown in for fun.

For RELIGION we'll be working on our Friendly Defender flashcards and our Learning to Serve responses.

We'll be doing a lot of ART too. We have a Pomander project from PACE and ideas from our Catholic how-to-draw book but we've also been reading our Seton Art for Young Catholics and our Art Detective books. But, I really want to make a point to note a book called ARTFULLY TEACHING THE FAITH by Steven Kellmeyer. Today we studied Michaelangelo's, The Creation of Adam. Kellmeyer discusses as God's hand reaches toward Adam he is not quiet capable of touching God...something, someone is missing - Eve. God is holding Eve. God is in a pink cloud shaped like a brain, as He "holds in His mind all that exists." Adam is naked and God is clothed depicting that man is revealed before God but God is not revealed to man... until the Incarnation. Ahhh...and there's so much more that I enjoyed discovering right along with the kids. It didn't take long but we'll really meditate on what we learned today.

Of course, in recognition for all we have, we'll be of SERVICE to someone less fortunate - we will collect a van full of donations to drop off to the needy.

Praying you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Dessi said...

Wow sounds fun...can i join in?

Ruth said...

That Learning to Serve book looks great! My boys would love it. Thanks for the link. I love your Cool Papa picture.

Ebeth said...

We have the Artfully Teaching the Faith and are going though it with our 10 and 12 year olds. They love it. I am actually thinking about offering this as a discussion group topic for the MOMS in our parish.

Adding you to my blogroll!

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks Ebeth! I have a 10 and 12 yr. old too. Your blog is always referenced, A Catholic Mom climbing the Pillars.

I know I too am loving AND learning from the art book. I've read Kellmeyer before, his book called Designed to Fail about Catholic schools and his article on catechism in parishes, and how it should be directed at adults NOT children. I think your book discussion would help toward that end.

Hugs to you too!

deb said...

SOunds like fun. My daughters are learning about ancient Greek culture this week. We are having a blast!!!

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