What are the Promises of the Traditional Mass?

...as taken from the GREAT website, TheLatinMassNetwork.

Most Catholics are familiar with the promises made to those who faithfully say the Rosary everyday, the promises made to those who observe the First Friday devotions but what are the "promises" made to those who attend the Traditional Mass?

First what comes to mind are the vocations that are naturally the result of attendance at the Mass. Orders dedicated to the Mass like the Fraternity of St. Peter do not have trouble finding seminarians but in housing their seminarians. An order like the Institute of Christ the King has a 12 year formation for the priesthood and no shortage of aspirants. If you set the bar high, men will rise to the challenge. We've listed Traditional Latin Mass orders on the right bar if you want to read about the orders that are changing the Church and forming good, holy priests, religious brothers and sisters.

One reason that vocations naturally flow from attendance at the Latin Mass is that altar boys are given an opportunity to witness the priests, their mentors as they celebrate the Holy Sacrifice without the distractions of altar girls, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist and lectors who invade the sanctuary and distract from the Eucharist and the sacrifice of the Mass with their variable outfits, manner and dare I say it, agendas.

In Bradford, Vermont the Latin Mass which is celebrated every Saturday has just gone from experimental and temporary to permanent. Fr. Philip LaMothe has ordered 70 Missals and altar boys are being trained. In addition to faithful attendance, what is it that has resulted in this decision? I understand the number of people who go to Confession has doubled.

Finally, the Traditional Mass with its emphasis on the Psalms, repentance and worship brings the Catholic closer to the glorious traditions that reach all the way back to the apostles. The continuity and cohesiveness of the worship brings a security and peace, a confidence in the Catholic Faith and greater trust in God.
And here's more, this from the Washington Times on the NEW and ABUNDANT interest in the Latin Mass especially among those who have no memory of it...like me!


M. Alexander said...

Dear Allison,
Thank you for your kind words about my article and for visiting us at www.latinmassnetwork.net.
Mary Alexander

Ruth said...

Great post! My kids love the Traditional Mass. We're very blessed to have it 3 times a week.

+JMJ+ said...

Nice to hear from you, as always, Ruth. My kids love it too, in fact, they behave better... noting the silence, perhaps feeling the reverence shown by all.

We just became blessed to be approved for weekly Tridentine! No more travelling for Mass, we have a parish community now, praise God!

Christina said...

Great post, Allison! I'm so glad to be part of the new weekly Tridentine community at St. Patrick's. What a blessing, indeed.

God bless,

Credo said...

Greetings from Ireland.
You can visit our weblog
It is wonderful to see many young people now attend the Traditional Mass.

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