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8:15 PM
In a post a while back, a Saint "picked" my blog to patron. It was St. Gerard Majella and his feast is celebrated today in the Tridentine calendar. Thank you, Lord for this intercessor.

He is the saint of Motherhood and for good confessions and spoke these words...."Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart?"

This blog is 6 months old and is visited from as far away as Africa, S. America, Europe, Canada & New Zealand! As of this moment it's been visited 1,700 times. Thank you! Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Today St. Hedwig is also honored. That these two saints share the same feast is interesting to me as they BOTH share special parts of this blog and our Catholic journey as a family.

St. Gerard, St. Hedwig, ora pro nobis!

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