Feast of the Archangels & 40 days

Archangels pray for us!
The Brothers and Sisters of the Alliance of the Two Hearts hosted a family night of music, talks, games and skits centered around today's Feast of the Archangels - St. Michael, St. Raphael & St. Gabriel. These men and women religious are so dynamic, their smiles exude joy!

I have made Chaplets before for the Prayers to the Archangels and here is one....

Visit http://www.miraclerosarymission.org/csm.htm for the prayer.

We also started our 40 DAYS here in prayer for an end to abortion! http://www.40daysforlife.com/about.cfm With our friends beside us, we prayed 4 rosaries peacefully outside a local abortuary.
We ask for St. Michael to intercede to defend us in this battle, for St. Raphael to heal those hurt by abortion and for St. Gabriel to get the message out that LIFE should be valued from conception untill natural death!

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