Farming 101 - clean chickens

7:49 AM
Lately, we've been looking at houses with land. We have an desire to move out of the development and get some privacy, maybe learn to farm a little.

One house we are looking at had a pole barn. Below is a conversation I had with my husband last night that just tickled me!

Me (excitedly)- "So, what's a pole barn?" What would we put in it?"

Him (trying to read his prayers) - " I don't know. Maybe it has a pole in the middle?"

Me - "How about chickens? They seem like an easy place to start."

Him (now getting interested)- "Do you have to wash a chicken?"

Me - "What??!!"

Him - "I mean, do I have to put a hose on them? I don't want to be chasing them around to get them into the tub!"

That visual of my husband chasing a chicken for a bath has me giggling. We know so little!

(Any farmers out there?? Two questions...DO chickens take baths? And...are we doomed?)


Leticia said...

No farmer here, just a wannabee like yourself. We are looking at homes with 5 acres and up. It just seems like the thing to do to raise children properly, surround them with nature. And chickens!

+JMJ+ said...

Leticia, thanks for visiting my blog! I regularily visit your Causa Nostrae Laetitiae and Cause of our Joy...incredible!

Interesting to hear that someone else is looking for the farm acres...seems to be on many hearts.

Some friends on an email list wrote me that chickens take DUST BATHS to reduce mites...and that's all they need. Darn, would have enjoyed watching my saintly husband keep his cool trying to round them up for a tub!

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