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Summorum Pontificum Contact Database - In an effort to help Catholics who want to see the Traditional Latin Mass in their diocese connect with priests who want to provide the Traditional Latin Mass, LumenGentleman is now hosting a contacts database to help bring people together. The more data we can collect, the more successful this will be, so click here to add your information!

If you register, your email will not be given out, but others can send you messages via the database, which you may respond to. Let's see how many of us are interested and near each other! Lumen Gentleman said the response has been overwhelming, proving that interest in the Latin Mass is just beginnning to experience a revival.
If you had told me a year ago that my family would join many, many other YOUNG families in *falling madly in love with* the Latin Mass the way we have, I would have smiled politely and backed away slowly. BUT WE HAVE....
Because we are Catholics we already appreciate *rich tradition*, *silence*, *reverence for our Eucharistic Lord* and the history of the Mass and it's saints should not be denied. It brims with all of the above and more!
What the 1962 Missal offers is so powerful to our Catholic our souls! It's so much more than the Latin. I hope ALL Catholics give it the chance to win over their hearts as well. BE NOT AFRAID!
Check out another blog. Fr. Z is Moderator of the Catholic Online Forum and the ASK FATHER Question Box. Visit his It stands for What Does The Prayer Really Say and the prayers I read at the Latin Mass, on the english translation side ...why were they ever changed?! So beautiful!

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Becky Barron said...

I haven't been to a Latin mass yet, but I have been strongly pulled in that direction. It just seems that it is more reverent. We are devout Catholics who are tired of the non-sacred music & clapping at the end of mass. I am a convert (20+ years ago) so I really don't want to hear Protestant music at mass. By the way..I have been homeschooling 4 8+ years,now high school & it gets better each year. I also work full-time so it can be done. Tiring but we're working on eternal souls here. Well worth it!!

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